Accounting Services

Independent Auditors & Accountants (IA) The IA has been providing professional services for the domestic and international organizations with its professional and experienced team.

The IA has been providing accounting services to its clients in accordance to the Turkish Accounting System and the legal regulations. The legal books and records that need to be kept, the document arrangement, tax statement and declarations that need to be given alongside with the financial tables are prepared by our company. As the Independent Accountants Company the accounting system framework is designed pertaining to the customer in the way that would satisfy the managerial and financial reporting needs of our customers within the scope of the accounting services, and all kinds of desired accounting services such as management, IFRS, US GAAP, and foreign currency is provided simultaneously. Our accounting services are provided at the client’s office in accordance to the needs of our customers or from our office. Additionally, for the customers in need, we assign full time accounting personnel at their offices. Our accounting services may be summarized as follows:

Bookkeeping, preparation and submission of Tax Statements and Declarations, support for documentation and filing in compliance with the work flow processes of the clients. The books that our customers need to keep legally are recorded in the offices of our clients or at our office within their due dates. Within the scope of the needs of the clients, bookkeeping in foreign languages is performed through the criteria of cost center, profit center, project based foreign currency with the other accounting principles such as the IFRS and US GAAP. By combining the needs of the clients and the legal necessities, the satisfaction of all of the needs through one single system provides time and cost savings.

Preparation and Submission of the Statements and Declarations: All of the monthly, quarterly and annual tax, Social Security Institution and other statements that our customers need to submit within the framework of the Turkish Tax Code and other legal regulations are prepared and submitted in accordance to the accounting records. We provide those services to our customers for whom we provide bookkeeping services as well as to the customers who keep their own books by themselves but separately request this service. Additionally, within the scope of this service, the control of the book records and documents are carried out that are kept by the customers on a monthly basis. The preparation of the financial tables, forms and other tables that are requested alongside with the statements and declarations is also included within the scope of our services.

Documentation and filing support in accordance to the work flow of the customers: By making the customer processes analysis after investigating the customers’ work flow processes, the formation of the document flow order, determination of the filing locations and consultancy services are within the scope of our accounting services. The purpose of our services is to provide the submission of the documents to the accounting department and to reduce the waste of time by the accounting department and other departments by preventing the inquiry of each and every documents regarding the past transactions and increase the company wide efficiency.

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