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IA, yabancı sermayeli kuruluşların ihtiyaç duyduğu her türlü raporlama ihtiyaçlarını karşılayabilecek muhasebe programı dizayn ve geliştirilmesi konusunda ayrıca danışmanlık hizmetleri de vermektedir.

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Post Clearance Audit Management
  • Consultancy, assistance, and process management services for companies made subject to “Post Clearance” audit by Customs Surveyors and Controllers
Risk Analysis
  • Identification of risk factors by examining any files related to the import, export, internal transaction, temporary import, external transaction  regime adopted by the company as well as any banking transactions and accounting books and records
Cost-Benefit Analysis, Process Analysis
  • Assessment of applied customs procedures, simplified procedures, approved operator statuses, practice advices creating cost-related advantages, irregularities, tax and penalty calculations, cost finding, and repentance provisions

  • Harmony of Law Assistance
  • Testing the harmony of the company’s foreign trade transactions with applicable law
  • Sharing of information and experiences on matters such as customs procedures during audits as well as legislation on foreign trade, customs, and smuggling
Case Study
  • Consultancy activities directed towards inspections and investigations carried out with respect to the Anti-Smuggling Law, the Turkish Penal Code, the Customs Law, and Foreign Trade Regulations
Management and Settlement of Disputes
  • Consultancy and support services in disputes and legal actions related to tax and penalties imposed by customs administrations
  • Preparation of pleadings, petitions, and case files with respect to administrative and fiscal disputes; development of defense strategies,
  • Support service in customs value, origin, and tariff disputes in accordance with international treaties
  • Technical support and consultancy services directed towards investigations related to Anti-Dumping Duties, Prevention of Unfair Competition, and Disablement of Measures