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Independent Auditors & Accountants (IA) The IA has been providing professional services for the domestic and international organizations with its professional and experienced team.

By the full approval service, we confirm the compatibility of the accounting records and tax calculations of our customers to the tax regulations. Through our service, the taxation risks may be minimized that may be encountered in the tax audits to be made by the Tax Administration. Additionally, through the full approval service we aim to prevent the wrong and faulty interpretation of the tax laws by the taxpayers and the faulty applications that might emerge due to the wrong applications are corrected. Additionally, we provide our customers to benefit from tax advantages if any.

Full approval service inspection is carried out in details and continuously by benefitting from the economic events as sources and the substitutive documents by taking the full approval standards issued by the tax authorities as the basis. In the consequence of our work, the approval report is submitted to the tax authorities of the taxpayer which is prepared by making the companies’ tax statements and their attached financial tables compatible with the related tax regulations.

The following services will be separately provided within the scope of this service: controlling the compatibility of the transactions of the firm to the other rules regarding taxation and accounting in terms of methodology, preparing the interim reports regarding the correction of the determined mistakes and making the necessary warnings, accompanying the preparation and determination of the submission of the year-end financial statements and income tables, controlling the correctness of the information located in the financial tables with the appropriate techniques, preparation and submission of the quarterly reports including the deficiencies and suggestions in terms of methods and principles in regards to the matters listed above after a revision work, controlling and approval of the investment spending which are provided by incentives, controlling the financial tables that were subjected to inflation correction, determination and approval of the earnings that were made an exception in the corporate taxes, approval of the year-end financial statements, income tables and Corporate Tax Statements, submission of the full approval report within its due time to the Tax Office. Our auditing services will be provided by our team which has a sufficient number of auditors alongside with the Certified Public Accountant H. İbrahim Torun who all have significant amount of experience in their subject matters.

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