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Independent Auditors & Accountants (IA) The IA has been providing professional services for the domestic and international organizations with its professional and experienced team.

The IA provides payroll services to its customers in compliance with the regulations of the Turkish tax, labor and social security law. Within the scope of those services, the payroll summaries and personnel payroll slips are prepared and after the approval of the customers, the bank payment orders are confirmed. The summary statements and declarations alongside with the statements and declarations of the Social Security Institution and other organizations are prepared separately. Alongside with our accounting customers who benefit from the payroll services, the customers who value the confidentiality of the payroll information and demand the payroll slips to be sent to the addresses of the personnel directly also benefit from our services in return for symbolic fees.

Within the scope of our payroll services, payroll documents and payroll slips in foreign languages based on foreign currencies can be prepared. Calculations of severance and notice payments, and documentation support which is necessary when hiring and laying off the personnel are also provided. For those customers who request, the cost center, profit center and project based detailed payroll reports are provided.

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