The IA has been providing professional services for the domestic and international organizations with its professional and experienced team.

The IA has been providing accounting services to its clients in accordance to the Turkish Accounting System and the legal regulations. The legal books and records that need to be kept, the document arrangement, tax statement and declarations that need to be given alongside with the financial tables are prepared by our company. As the Independent Accountants Company the accounting system framework is designed pertaining to the customer in the way that would satisfy the managerial and financial reporting needs of our customers within the scope of the accounting services, and all kinds of desired accounting services such as management, IFRS, US GAAP, and foreign currency is provided simultaneously. Our accounting services are provided at the client’s office in accordance to the needs of our customers or from our office. Additionally, for the customers in need, we assign full time accounting personnel at their offices. Our accounting services may be summarized as follows:

Bookkeeping, preparation and submission of Tax Statements and Declarations, support for documentation and filing in compliance with the work flow processes of the clients. The books that our customers need to keep legally are recorded in the offices of our clients or at our office within their due dates. Within the scope of the needs of the clients, bookkeeping in foreign languages is performed through the criteria of cost center, profit center, project based foreign currency with the other accounting principles such as the IFRS and US GAAP. By combining the needs of the clients and the legal necessities, the satisfaction of all of the needs through one single system provides time and cost savings. Preparation and Submission of the Statements and Declarations: All of the monthly, quarterly and annual tax, Social Security Institution and other statements that our customers need to submit within the framework of the Turkish Tax Code and other legal regulations are prepared and submitted in accordance to the accounting records. We provide those services to our customers for whom we provide bookkeeping services as well as to the customers who keep their own books by themselves but separately request this service. Additionally, within the scope of this service, the control of the book records and documents are carried out that are kept by the customers on a monthly basis. The preparation of the financial tables, forms and other tables that are requested alongside with the statements and declarations is also included within the scope of our services.

Documentation and filing support in accordance to the work flow of the customers: By making the customer processes analysis after investigating the customers’ work flow processes, the formation of the document flow order, determination of the filing locations and consultancy services are within the scope of our accounting services. The purpose of our services is to provide the submission of the documents to the accounting department and to reduce the waste of time by the accounting department and other departments by preventing the inquiry of each and every documents regarding the past transactions and increase the company wide efficiency.

The IA provides payroll services to its customers in compliance with the regulations of the Turkish tax, labor and social security law. Within the scope of those services, the payroll summaries and personnel payroll slips are prepared and after the approval of the customers, the bank payment orders are confirmed. The summary statements and declarations alongside with the statements and declarations of the Social Security Institution and other organizations are prepared separately. Alongside with our accounting customers who benefit from the payroll services, the customers who value the confidentiality of the payroll information and demand the payroll slips to be sent to the addresses of the personnel directly also benefit from our services in return for symbolic fees.

Within the scope of our payroll services, payroll documents and payroll slips in foreign languages based on foreign currencies can be prepared. Calculations of severance and notice payments, and documentation support which is necessary when hiring and laying off the personnel are also provided. For those customers who request, the cost center, profit center and project based detailed payroll reports are provided. For more information you may contact us via the phone number and email address located below.

The IA is able to provide all kinds of reporting that the management requires in a timely and effective manner. Cost center, profit center, project based, regional and country based profitability, expense analysis reports, personnel expense / advance payment reporting, vehicle based expense reporting, budget analysis and comparison and variance reporting are some of the reports that we provide to our customers. Alongside with our services, the information that the management requires are conveyed in a timely and complete fashion and full support is provided to the management in financial matters. The accounting customers of ours may benefit from this service and we also provide reporting services to the customers that keep their accounts by themselves through the reporting design and application consultancy in their offices.

The IA is able to provide reporting in accordance to the host country accounting standards such as the IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP standards and the like to its customers with foreign capital for their parent companies to follow up Turkish operations. The reporting may be in the form of filling out the report packages prepared by the parent companies over Microsoft Excel or the Web, it may also be in the form of developing report packages by the IA entirely in accordance to the needs of the customers. The IA is also able to prepare accounting data which complies with the host country accounting standards such as the IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP and the like which is ready to be uploaded to the databases of the operating systems of the host country companies such as the SAP, Oracle and the like. These services may be provided in any kind of currency.

The IA provides tax and legal consultancy services from the process of formation of companies to the process of sales and liquidation within the scope of the Commercial Law, Tax Law and Tax Agreements.

As the IA, our positive aspect is that we know the activities of our customers very closely. We believe that with our experience of Prevention of Double Taxation Agreement, our tax consultancy services that we provide to our customers while they enter Turkey, transfer their profits and while they exit Turkey is unique.

Within the scope of our tax consultancy services, we also provide consultancy services regarding the in-group invoicing and transfer pricing stipulations. Within the scope of those services the Transfer Pricing Form and the Transfer Pricing Report are also prepared that need to be submitted separately alongside with the addendum of the Corporate Tax Statement.

Moreover, together with the firms that we have relations abroad, we prepare and finalize the VAT return applications on behalf of our customers in accordance to the European Union regulations.

By the full approval service, we confirm the compatibility of the accounting records and tax calculations of our customers to the tax regulations. Through our service, the taxation risks may be minimized that may be encountered in the tax audits to be made by the Tax Administration. Additionally, through the full approval service we aim to prevent the wrong and faulty interpretation of the tax laws by the taxpayers and the faulty applications that might emerge due to the wrong applications are corrected. Additionally, we provide our customers to benefit from tax advantages if any.

Full approval service inspection is carried out in details and continuously by benefitting from the economic events as sources and the substitutive documents by taking the full approval standards issued by the tax authorities as the basis. In the consequence of our work, the approval report is submitted to the tax authorities of the taxpayer which is prepared by making the companies’ tax statements and their attached financial tables compatible with the related tax regulations.

The following services will be separately provided within the scope of this service: controlling the compatibility of the transactions of the firm to the other rules regarding taxation and accounting in terms of methodology, preparing the interim reports regarding the correction of the determined mistakes and making the necessary warnings, accompanying the preparation and determination of the submission of the year-end financial statements and income tables, controlling the correctness of the information located in the financial tables with the appropriate techniques, preparation and submission of the quarterly reports including the deficiencies and suggestions in terms of methods and principles in regards to the matters listed above after a revision work, controlling and approval of the investment spending which are provided by incentives, controlling the financial tables that were subjected to inflation correction, determination and approval of the earnings that were made an exception in the corporate taxes, approval of the year-end financial statements, income tables and Corporate Tax Statements, submission of the full approval report within its due time to the Tax Office. Our auditing services will be provided by our team which has a sufficient number of auditors alongside with the

Certified Public Accountant H. İbrahim Torun who all have significant amount of experience in their subject matters.

The Value Added Tax is a kind of tax that requires close management by the firms due to their finance cost that they cause due to its characteristics. Due to the regulations that have been issued by the security mechanisms of the tax administration and from time to time by observing the social and political balance, an imbalance takes place between the VAT that the firms undertake and the VAT that they withdraw from their customers and the firm needs to address the Tax Office due to VAT returns, setoffs and cancellations.

These procedures that need to be carried out before the tax office mostly require professional consultancy. Many firms are unable to meet the VAT that they undertake for their purchases with the VAT that they withdraw from their customers after sales.

For the removal of this imbalance, the VAT planning alongside with the processes of the VAT returns, setoffs and cancellations need to be carried out before the Tax Office. Within this context, we provide services to our customers in terms of VAT returns, setoffs and cancellations in the best possible and fastest way by working in tandem with the Tax Office within the area of responsibility determined by the Certified Public Accountancy Regulations and the VAT regulations.

Our service include the processes of preparation of the VAT Return Approval report, receiving the cash return and dissolution of the securities and we provide services to our customers by speeding up of the administrative process.

Our VAT return and setoff services primarily cover the following topics:

• VAT returns and setoffs that emerge due to exportation of services

• VAT returns and setoffs that emerge due to sales with exportation requirement

• VAT returns and setoffs that emerge due to oil exploration activities

• VAT returns and setoffs that emerge due to the activities of gold, silver or platinum exploration and the exception that is applied in the operations and enrichment activities

• VAT returns and setoffs that emerge due to application of exceptions in the refinery activities

• VAT returns and setoffs that emerge due to application of exceptions in the exploration, operation, enrichment and refinery activities regarding gold, silver or platinum

• VAT returns and setoffs that emerge due to the delivery of the machinery and equipment that are within the scope of the document to the taxpayers that own investment incentive document

• VAT returns and setoffs that emerge due to the deliveries made within the scope of the Turkey – EU Framework Agreement

• VAT returns and setoffs that emerge due to the deliveries that are subject to the discounted ratio

• VAT returns and setoffs that emerge due to the delivery of the goods that are subject to the discounted ratio for the purpose of exportation

• Delivery of goods within the scope of the domestic operations and temporary acceptance regimes

We provide legal consultancy services to our customers in the subject matters within the scope of the Commercial Law.

The IA especially has experience in the matter of carrying out of all kinds of Commercial Registry procedures including preparation of all kinds of documentation.

The most important commercial registry procedures that we provide to our customers are listed below:

Change of address

Change of company director

Change of type of the company

Change of members of the board of directors

Preparation and organization of the General Assembly documents

Procedures of increasing capital

Procedures of decreasing capital

Change of shares and ownership of the shares

Liquidation, transfer and merger, demerger procedures

As the IA, we provide these services by completing all of the procedures that need to be made before the necessary public institutions such as the Trade Registry Department, Tax Office and the Social Security Institution including the required Board of Directors or Minutes of the General Assembly Meeting.

We recommend the most appropriate type of company to our customers by considering the line of business and investment that they want to engage in and their trade volume and later the documentation (decisions, letter of attorney) which are required by the type of the company are prepared by our team and submitted to the customer for signature.

We are able to complete the company formation processes within four days before the Trade Registry Office, Tax Office, Social Security Institution and other public agencies provided that the documents are given to us by the customer.

• Interpreting financial tables

• Tax auditing

• Demerger, merger

• Change of company type

• Business consultancy

• Restructuring

• Services for directorship, chairmanship and agency

• Customs consultancy

• Reporting

• Financial table auditing

• International auditing