INDEPENDENT ACCOUNTANTS & ADVISORS (IA) is a professional company providing clients with accounting, payroll and reporting services as well as consultancy service in fields of Commercial Law and Tax Law. Employing over twenty professional personnel with foreign language skills, IA offers service primarily for foreign capital organizations and companies in frame of the financial advisors act and legal arrangements applicable in Turkey.

IA was founded in 2004 as a company that provides Outsourcing Services under the leadership of Öznur Öztürk, who is the founder of IA, in consequence of closing Ernst & Young’s outsourcing department in Ankara.

Since 2017, the Tax and Legal services department has also established and expanded its services by YMM İbrahim Torun.

With its accounting, payroll and tax statement services for foreign capital clients in frame of Turkish accounting standards and financial legislation, IA enable foreign capital clients to focus on their commercial activity without having to deal with the Turkish financial legislation. Moreover, with reporting skills such as management reporting, IFRS reporting, US GAAP, UK GAAP, conforming to accounting standards of the country in which the investor company settled, IA eliminates the requirement for their clients to employ personnel for these activities, meeting the reporting services needed by the headquarters at lower costs. IA also provides consultancy services for design and development of accounting programmes to meet any kind of reporting requirements needed by foreign capital organizations.

IA offers tax counseling and legal counseling services for foreign capital organizations from the establishment until liquidation and winding-up processes in line with the Commercial Law, Tax Law and Tax Agreements.

Any kind of Commercial Registration procedures are carried our in scope of legal counseling services (address change, substitution and appointment of Managers and substitution of shareholders in limited liability companies, substitution of Executive Board members, substitution of shareholders and organization of Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies in joint stock companies) as well as incorporation, capital increase, change in formation, liquidation, merger, transfer and demerger procedures.

IA also provides, in capacity of a gratuitous bailee, Executive Board Membership, Management, Audit, or agency services through any power of attorney for any foreign capital companies upon their demand.

We, as IA, are proud of our growth from our establishment till today, and our noteworthy share in the sector. In the present situation, it is quite obvious that our service quality and the level of customer satisfaction that we have achieved considerably contribute to satisfaction of our customers. With our motto ‘Highest quality in each step’, we guarantee the highest quality in each step of our services.

In addition, we as INDEPENDENT ACCOUNTANTS & ADVISORS (IA), would like to point out that our trademark is independent of any institution or person, especially of global major audit companies in the sector, and we conform to new audit rules which require accounting, reporting and audit services to be performed independently by two separate institutions.

Our mission is to offer the highest quality service for our clients in each step of our service.

Below are our primary objectives.

To provide a full range of accounting, bookkeeping, tax statement, management accounting, financial accounting and payroll services for our customers, To assist foreign investors in selection of the most suitable type of company matching their own business models and needs in Turkey, and to provide Legal Counseling in stages from establishment till liquidation and winding up processes.

To provide our clients with essential, significant and valuable tax counseling services,

To meet any secretariat requirements, administrative and managerial needs of our customers,

Please contact us if you are a representative or employee of a foreign investor intending to enter or have recently entered into the Turkey market or if your company needs accounting, payroll, reporting, legal counseling and tax counseling services and you would like to work with a professional institution with experience and references on these issues. No matter if you are a client or not, we will be happy to assist you.

For further information, you can contact us via the phone number and the e-mail address below.