• Preparation of monthly payrolls according to the written information received from the management on cost center base.
  • Preparation and signing of monthly and periodic Social Security Premium Declarations.
  • Preparation of Unemployment Authority Declarations.
  • Calculation of Employment Termination Benefits.
  • Printing monthly payroll slips.

Work & Residence Permits for Expat Workers

  • Providing consultancy to obtain work permit and residence permit in Turkey and providing all necessary information about procedures and visa types
  • Providing and gathering all necessary forms, required documents list, drafts and submission letters required for work permit and residence permit application
  • Making work permit application from the online system of the Ministry of Labor on behalf of the employer company
  • Submitting work permit application file to the Ministry of Labor and following up application’s status in regular basis(Our experts have regular visits to the Ministry of Labor in each week, and they always follow up the application’s status by visiting the related specialists at the Ministry weekly.)
  • Making residence permit application from the online system of the Migration Management on behalf of residence permit applicants
  • Reminding work permit extension applications for work permit owners

Investment Incentive Consultancy Services

The Turkish government offers a wide range of incentives to companies in different industries, aimed at encouraging foreign investments in the local economy. However, the incentives of these rules and regulations require expert, professional advice. Our vast experience and knowledge of the law, alongside its provisions, allow us to consult our clients on maximizing their gain of these.

We assist companies of all sizes and industries, allowing them to take full advantage of government funding, benefits and incentives under several laws, including: the Law for Encouragement of Capital Investment, the Law for Encouragement of Industrial Research and Development, as well as other relevant legislation. Our clients range from startups to multi-national corporations in technology, industrial manufacturing and more.

Our services combine in-depth understanding of the business and competitive landscape as well as extensive knowledge of encouragement programs in Turkey and abroad. Our team consists of CPAs, lawyers and technical experts, who provide creative solutions, tailored to the specific business needs of our clients. Additionally, our consultants work closely with regulators and policymakers and contribute to the frequent updates of the encouragement legislation.

PayDay™ Cloud Based Payroll Software

Business is moving very fast these days, especially with young professionals that have never known a world that wasn’t internet-driven being introduced into the workforce.
Most PayDay™ solutions today are already cloud-based, but business executives and managers may not even know it. For those companies whose PayDay™ solutions are not yet cloud-based, changes may likely be right on the horizon.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is an obscure term that is widely used but less widely understood. Any PayDay™ solution that is using online data or social media is
already on the cloud. The cloud is a network of servers, some of which run applications and provide online service and others which store


IA is using its award winning cloud based payroll and HR software.
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