Preparation of monthly payrolls according to the written information received from the management on cost center base.
Preparation and signing of monthly and periodic Social Security Premium Declarations.
Preparation of Unemployment Authority Declarations.
Calculation of Employment Termination Benefits.
Printing monthly payroll slips.
DID YOU KNOW THAT PayDay™ IS ALSO A SOFTWARE COMPANY? PayDay™ is using its award winning cloud based payroll and HR software. For more details.
PayDay™️ Cloud Based Payroll Software
Business is moving very fast these days, especially with young professionals that have never known a world that wasn’t internet-driven being introduced into the workforce.
Most PayDay™ solutions today are already cloud-based, but business executives and managers may not even know it. For those companies whose PayDay™ solutions are not yet cloud-based, changes may likely be right on the horizon.
What is the Cloud?
The cloud is an obscure term that is widely used but less widely understood. Any PayDay™ solution that is using online data or social media is already on the cloud. The cloud is a network of servers, some of which run applications and provide online service and others which store data.